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First steps

After installation, Personas for Jira app will be available in all Jira projects (all Project types are supported).

When you open the app, you will be prompted to create your first persona profile. Specify a persona name and a brief description (optional) and select either a photo from the Unsplash library or a solid color to represent the Persona. This photo or color will also be visible in issues linked to this Persona.

Adding a Persona to Jira

Once you have created the Persona, you can edit the basic fields provided by the app which are currently "Motivation", "Goals" and "Blockers".

You can add any field you need via the Overview page - Click "Fields" in the top right hand corner and add either a global field or a field scoped to the current project.

After doing so, you can click on the persona in order to edit the newly available fields and complete the Persona profile.

Editing fields for Personas

In order to add issues to this Persona, open the profile and click "Issues". You can then search for issues by name or issue key and add them to the list.

Managing issues